Blog Revamping

Hi everyone, happy Friday!! It’s been a long week. Welcome to the month of May. I know I say this every month but I’m not sure where April went. I’m so happy I’m writing to you guys early in the month, I recently went to The Blog Connect conference in Philadelphia and learned so much about blogging and myself that I’m revamping this blog.

I am still going to be me and I am still going to blog about books and travel but I am going to open my blog up a bit more and hopefully it will help you get to know me a little better. I have a lot of interests and I want to try it out here for you guys.

So what does this all mean?

As of June 1st big changes will be happening including a new layout of my blog and how you can find me. I will be under Instagram and litsy as WanderingnReading. If you already follow me you won’t have to worry.

I am also going to start posting on themed days, be ready for book reviews, travel and miscellaneous posts on certain days a week!

I am also considering starting a Newsletter in July when I’m back from England. If you’re interested please let me know either in my comments or emailing me at

I am really excited, I have so many ideas and feel like my blog is really going to be exactly how I want it to be moving forward and I hope you guys will stick around to see the changes!

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