An Afternoon in Philly

The best non-blog part of going to Philadelphia was seeing Philadelphia. I’ve never truly walked around the place before and I was really excited to get some sites in before the conference kick off party.

While being a history buff in the sense of just freaking loving old things, I was really excited to go to Elfreth’s Alley. The oldest residential street in our country, it was amazing and I’m not even sure if the pictures below do it justice.

We didn’t have a bunch of time so we missed some of the real highlights (to be fair, I walked by them once before) and just kind of let the day to take us which ended up having us find some really cool alleys and places that we might not have thought about seeing (like Betsy Ross’ House). Like The Benjamin Franklin Museum (which we really went toward because the adorable Post Office I spotted). While we didn’t go to the Museum, we did get to see some of the building that Benjamin Franklin walked and even lived! It was definitely a nice surprise to find.

While I know there is more to see in Philly, I feel like I saw so much history just walking the streets. The older homes with their plaques IMG_0717telling you they were built in the 1700 and 1800’s was just an amazing experience. It was also kind of fun to walk around and see them now around tall buildings. A little history among the new technology.

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