Favorite Restaurants In & Around Saratoga

Oh Saratoga. There is nothing better than walking Broadway and people watching, catching a drink or going to a rooftop bar. But one of my favorite things to do is the food.

There are so many options, and while I might not be a foodie, I am always looking for new restaurants to take people to when they’re visiting. Here’s my favorite places. I’m attaching $ to indicate affordability.

My Favorites in Saratoga

Druthers Brewing Company $$

Relatively new, this is our favorite hot spot. The only downfall is that once we bring our friends there they never want to go anywhere else. Why you ask? Because of their Mac and Cheese.


Not only is it super affordable, it’s also huge! But don’t forget to try their homemade beer and split a beer and cheese appetizer (My favorite from any place I’ve tried).

Boca Bistro $$$

Looking for something a little different than American? Try Boca Bistro where you can get some serious tapas including some back wrapped dates that are out of this world. It is pricey however so I would use this for a fancier dinner or special occasion.

Wheatfields $$

Italian at its finest (sorry Chianti!) Wheatfields has a bunch of options, a ridiculously good happy hour and a relaxed feel even though it’s not a pub style.

The Stadium $

If you’re looking for a quick bite and a place to watch every sporting event at once, The Stadium is for you. There are two, we prefer Westside Stadium with less people but either are fantastic.

Around Saratoga

Longfellows $$$

Another like Boca Bistro, Longfellows is the perfect spot for special occasions (they even host weddings, Thanksgiving & Easter buffets). We went there for my 30th birthday, not only was it a surprise, it was a delicious surprise. There are so many nooks and a homey feel to the place. The food is definitely hand crafted food too.

Harvest and Hearth $

Right next to a creek where you can go kayaking, Harvest and Hearth has the best artisan pizza in the area. I still haven’t brought my friends here yet but I know once I do they will love it. The other fantastic thing about this place is the alcohol options. They carry local/New York wine and beer and it makes me happy every time I go. If you’re there get the natural with goat cheese yummm!

The Whistling Kettle $$


For a late breakfast/early lunch with the feel of the U.K. the Whistling Kettle offers a variety of fun menus ideas and tea. SO MUCH TEA! All different flavors and all delicious! You can get crepes, sandwiches, quiches and scones here. What’s even better is you can get all three in their tier menu. Where you pick the the three things you want. Don’t forget to get tea, it will come in its own pot for you.

If you come to the area I am begging you to try one of these. They are definitely my favorite and I know my friends will vouch for it! Have you already been to Saratoga and dined at one of these? If so, which? Did you love it?

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