Why I want to Travel

When I was younger my family and I only had two vacations– Cape Cod and Hampton Beach and they included visiting family. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see our family but I also wanted to see more. But with my dad being sick most of my life it was hard to go on long term vacations.

I was never invited on friend trips either until my junior year of high school, it was great up at a camp in the Adirondacks where it was quiet and peaceful but again it wasn’t what I saw of vacations that my friends went on. Then I went to college and it was still the same, I couldn’t financially afford for myself to really go anywhere so I stuck through college and just kept going to Cape Cod.

There were two things that got me really into the whole traveling experience — one was The Bahamas (Junior year of College) with my mom and the other Costa Rica with my boyfriend’s family.

With the Bahamas, I remember the relaxation of the trip and the turquoise water, I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe water was really that color. We hung out, we drank, we read, we became friends with some dolphins and just enjoyed the quietness of a vacation of our own.

After a few years of dating my boyfriend, his family invited me to go to Costa Rica with them and man was I scared. I had never been out of the country, I had never been that far away from my family, I hated flying (I definitely cried on the plane) and I most definitely had never gone on a vacation with my significant other’s family before. I was freaking out, I didn’t want to go, I questioned everything, I tried so hard to pay it all back, anything that could make it feel normal. In the end, I went and I’m happy I sucked it up and got over my fears because I think that was the start of me really wanting to travel (it also doesn’t hurt to have friends who want to travel as well).

This was back in 2014 and afterwards I decided that I could financially make vacations work.

Since then I’ve really upped my game in travelling places (Maine, Cape Cod, Florida x2, Fingerlakes, Chicago x2, D.C., Philly and with upcoming trips to Rhode Island, England and Iceland). I’ve found a way financially to be able to travel without feeling like I’m breaking the bank and the more I go the more I want to continue to do it.

It’s not even the experience that really gets me wanting to travel, I mean, of course that’s a big part but it’s also the release. You’re away from your normal life, you get to be you outside of thinking about work and it just helps make life a little less stressful. It also has helped me get over my fear of change and being away from home more too.

What I love about it is that I come home with these memories and don’t get tired of it one bit

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