The Blog Connect: I’m A Nicheless Blogger

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to let you know all of the things I learned from my first ever blog conference. I learned so much that I wanted to dedicate some of the really important lessons separately to really magnify their significance.

In April I went to The Blog Connect in Philadelphia with my fellow blogger (and friend since elementary school ) Sweetloveandginger. She goes every year and I thought to myself why not? I’ll probably learn something and definitely meet some people so I might as well give it a try.


I’m so happy I did too because I learned a lot about myself as a blogger including the fact that I fall in a “type” of blog. That “type” is called Nicheless. Thanks to Just Bloggers: No Explanation about giving me more insight to what Nicheless means with their amazing presentation. They explaining that nicheless just means that you have multiple topics in your blog that you feel passionate about.

Now, I obviously knew that I wrote about more than one topic but I assumed two topics – books and travel was enough. I didn’t realize that I could even expand if I really wanted to, and trust me, I do. My first blog was about everything but it wasn’t always about things I was passionate about (ie cooking) and because of that I found it difficult to keep up with those posts and felt that I was letting my readers down. That’s never something I want to feel — so I switched to two topics that I see value in, my travel and all the books I read.

But with this I stopped telling you about my life and who I am and I stopped talking about some of the other things I really like to do. I honestly thought I either couldn’t handle it or my new blog friends wouldn’t care.

So with that, I received so much inspiration on the topic from the blog conference that I plan to expand and I think with really valuable information. It might mean less posts a week but I think it’s worth it for my readers to get all the content I feel really passionate about.

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