Book Review: Rainbirds

Author: Clarissa Goenawan

Pages: 323 pages

From: Book Of The Month Club

Goodreads Synopsis: “Ren Ishida is nearly finished with graduate school when he receives news of his sister Keiko’s sudden death. She was viciously stabbed one rainy night on her way home, and there are no leads. Ren heads to Akakawa to conclude his sister’s affairs, still failing to understand why she chose to abandon the family and Tokyo for this desolate town years ago.”

“But Ren soon finds himself picking up where Keiko left off. As he comes to know the figures in Akakawa, from the enigmatic politician to his fellow teachers and a rebellious, alluring student named Rio, Ren delves into his shared childhood with Keiko and what followed, trying to piece together what happened the night of her death. Haunted in his dreams by a young girl who is desperately trying to tell him something, Ren struggles to find solace in the void his sister has left behind.”

20180505_082637.jpgReview: Book of The Month Club does it again. I have yet to find a book in their list that I’ve read and haven’t enjoyed. Now, I didn’t love this one but I did really enjoy it. If I didn’t have the club I wouldn’t have heard of it. Ren Ishida, what an interesting character he was, still young enough to not be an adult and still reeling not only from his sister’s murder but also from why she left him so many years ago, he is trying to put all the pieces back together. At times, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ren but his story is an interesting one that helped me get by the fact that I didn’t find him a very lovable character.

The story follows unexpected twists and turns while Ren tries to understand who his sister really was, coping with the death of his best friend and trying to understand what kind of person he, Ren Ishida wants to be. There’s a lot of self discovery in this one in a somewhat backwards way.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars


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