Why You Should Travel With Your Girlfriends Once a Year

A few weeks ago I wrote about why I love to travel so much. After writing that, I thought about all the people I have traveled with — Groups of couples/friends, family, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s family and my girl friends. It got me thinking about why it’s so important to not always travel/vacation with your significant other (sorry bud, love you!)

Every year for the past 3ish years, my girlfriends and I try to do a girls weekend. From that experience we’ve gone to Maine, Florida, Philly, and to each other’s hometowns. Experiences apart from the people you see all the time is good, I am in awe of the people that do solo trips, if I felt more comfortable with it I would do it in the heart beat.

Part of my big reason for traveling with my girlfriends is because I don’t see them as much as I would like and it’s sometimes easier to talk about all the girl things in your head without your significant other’s being there. It’s also an easy way to make memories and to reiterate how important your friends are to you (I am not a fan of the people who forget about everyone else when they start dating their significant other). Without them you wouldn’t be the person you are and some good quality time with them is necessary at least once a year, and not because of a celebration but because of how much you value your friendship.

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Last year I was lucky enough to experience that 3 separate times with different friends and I loved Every second of it. While 3 times was amazing, I’m hoping for even more time spent with them this year.

Do you guys do solo travel trips? Go traveling with just your friends? Do you have rituals or a certain amount of occurrences a year?

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel With Your Girlfriends Once a Year

  1. ChrystinaNoel says:

    Coordinating schedules always makes things a little bit complicated, but I definitely always love traveling with friends. And TBH, my significant other is someone who doesn’t like to make decisions super quickly, and I pull the trigger on things pretty fast, so I usually have a bunch of trips booked where he doesn’t come. 🙂

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