WordPress Blog Anniversary!

While I was writing a review of Those Who Save Us (coming soon), I was notified by WordPress that I have been blogging with them for 3 years. And what a better way to start this post then on the day that my blog switches from ThePerfectHoneyBee to WanderingandReading by ThePerfectHoneyBee.

While 3 years seems like a long time and is awesome, I like to think this blog has really been around for about a year.

Before that, while my WordPress Blog was active, I was really use blogspot and I wasn’t very active, my blog was like hobby #20 and I wasn’t really feeling it. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I switched to WordPress and I am loving it. Partly because of all of you really amazing people!


With this anniversary, I started reminiscing about all of the things that have happened through this blog in a year-ish. In respect to book lovers, I feel like I’ve finally found my friends! I don’t have a lot of friends that read as much as I do so it’s so awesome to feel like I have friends through this platform to connect with on different stories.

I’ve met people from all over, especially by attending my first conference, The Blog Connect in April, but I’ve even met some people who live in my area, which fingers crossed, I might be able to meet face to face soon!

You guys are all such an inspiration, not just on the book review front but on some of the things you write about and pictures you post. I’ve wanted to expand my skills because of you and I feel like in this last year I have, especially with some of my photos. I’m really thankful for this blog, how it’s connected people and to all of you that follow me and find me interesting!

Here’s to another year of blogging where I hope to really capture my life and what I value in my life for all you.


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