Book Review: A Girl Like That

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Author: Tanaz Bhathena


Goodreads Synopsis:

Review: In my mind, Jodi Picoult summed this story up perfectly: “fascinating and disturbing.” Alright, for me, I found it more disturbing than anything else. I won’t give anything away but from the first page I was pretty shocked with how the story was going to go. Since I received this in a shelflovereads box I had no idea what the synopsis was when I picked it up.

Anyway, each chapter is in the perspective of a different character and their views on their intertwining lives. It’s an interesting take and an interesting interpretation of how different other lives and counties are compared to ours. I mentioned that it was disturbing because it’s so raw and well, I honestly don’t know how to explain my feelings to this one. Did I like it? Yeah, but I didn’t love it and I felt as if it was too real and depressing in a way I just didn’t imagine.

For more information click here.

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

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