What I am Packing For England

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I’m currently doing the last bit of my packing for my trip to England…which is tomorrow. I have so many emotions, I’ve never been to Europe so this is going to be an entirely new experience for me.

What we are Expecting & How We’re Preparing

Anyway, I’ve heard from a whole lot of people that the weather in England is unpredictable, which really means, bring everything you can think of with you (good thing we are each bringing large suitcases!). We also had to take into consideration where in England we are going to be staying. Part of our trip will be outside the city of London, on coastal beaches, cliff walks and ruins. For that, we had to really plan accordingly to what we think we will be doing.

We also wanted to get some insight on the weather earlier than a few days to really see what the predictions are. I started looking at the weather for both Cornwall and London about 3 weeks before. Especially since we are leaving mid-week, we were going to need to start packing on a weekend before we leave. This helped us determine the necessities.

The Necessities

I mean, obviously we need our Passport, for the most part, anything else is okay to forget. Here’s the thing, because weather is so predictable, I am literally packing everything I can think of. Shorts, jeans, shoed, sandals, bathing suit, rain coat, workout clothes, dresses, rompers. Basically my wardrobe. The biggest thing is that I need to make sure I still have room for souvenirs ☺. To help with all this packing, I bought some packing cubes shown below from Amazon. I am always forgetting things when I re-pack so I’m hoping this helps me.

The Electronics and Books

One thing everyone needs is that universals charger. I might not have realized this was a thing until I spoke to someone who had just gone to New Zealand. We did some research and found the below charger on amazon. It’s perfect, has everything we will need.

I’m also bringing that fancy camera I bought last year specifically for this vacation! I still haven’t practiced on it at night yet so wish me luck but honestly I love it, my Canon Rebel is absolutely perfect.

I’m only bringing one book and it’s Drums of Autumn. A re read which I thought was perfect. This way I won’t feel like I can’t stop reading on vacation, and I’m bringing my Google nexus, both of these are just for the plane, it is 6 hours, we never sleep, so we need to be preoccupied somehow!

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