Weekend in Montreal

This is a throwback post, I realized I never told you about my first trip to Montreal! With my boyfriend and I recently “celebrating” 6 years together (let’s be honest, we didn’t celebrate — never do!)  I thought it would be fun to look back at our first real weekend away together.

I had never been to Montreal before this trip back in 2013. This was before I started really planning trips places, and since Bud (using my boyfriend’s nickname here) had been to Montreal before, I let him plan the whole weekend. In was a rainy Memorial Day weekend, I remember being so cold during most of the trip but when we got back into the States we found out it had snowed in the area where we live so I was thankful for the rain only.

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While it did rain almost the entire trip, it was still a blast and, if anything, made me want to head back there sooner rather than later. We found this adorable hotel where the “rooms” were actually apartments which made us feel like we have some actual living space (where we might have cuddled up after a long day out and watched some playoff hockey).

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Our first stop was just walking around the city a bit where we walked by McGill University, we both knew people who attended so I wanted to see what it looked like. The old architecture feel was out of this world. It was so quaint and historic.






We then went to Mount Royal Park to look at the overlook of the park. I loved it here, even though it was rainy, I knew I would want to come back (which did happen on our trip up there). It was such a cool spot, and the perfect place to walk around, bike, run or just have a picnic, there was space everywhere.

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But my two favorite spots, and ones I think everyone should check out is The Montreal Biodome and Old Montreal. I would recommend getting to the Biodome early as it gets busy fast, it was probably the coolest (at least at the time) of places to see different animals/birds than any place I’ve been before. There was so much to see and experience, and every room really made you feel like you were in the natural habitat. We went from needed our jackets to being too hot to want them on. We saw all different types of creatures too –exotic birds, sea-life and more I would definitely recommend taking a trip there (especially if you have kids)! Still on my list to see is the Planetarium, I’m hoping to get up there again soon to go there.

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Old Montreal is such a historic street. streets of a historic area. I loved every second of the old street and the architecture of it all, where I love has a lot of historic buildings the perfect spot for strolling around, going shopping and grabbing a drink/food.

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The activities above are definitely ones I would recommend doing if you’re going to be there for a short time. Even though we didn’t see everything, I felt like we saw enough in one trip for me to figure out that I would want to go back. I’ve been back to Montreal once since this trip and am planning another trip back there this summer (fingers crossed), hopefully this time I’ll be able to see the Planetarium.

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Montreal

  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    From reading and seeing what you have included in this post, I want to see that side of Canada. So far I have only visited Vancouver which I absolutely loved. If I’m not mistaken, Montreal is in the French-speaking part of Canada? In any case, I’m sure that there was no problem at all being understood and I have always found the Canadians to be really friendly and hospitable people. I hope you have a great trip back there in the summer as planned.

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