Dierks Bentley Album Review

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Dierks Bentley’s new album: The Mountain was released on June 8th. I’ve had plenty of times to listen to it (maybe on replay) the past couple of weeks. There is such an uplifting quality to this album, and a few songs that just stood out as must listen.

Dierks Bentley has been around in country music since 2003, The Mountain is his 9th album. Dierks is different compared to other male country artists out right now, he adds some older country sound, some bluegrass and some rock, and very rarely goes toward the pop type country music that’s so popular these days. But the reason why Dierks stands out, is that almost every song he has brings such an emotion and real life experiences into his song. Take his 8th album (my favorite album) Black, written for his wife — details all the different type of emotions and scenarios that could happen in a relationship. Or Riser, which has such a meaning behind the video (below)

The Mountain is no exception. The Mountain is a pick me up album. You’re going to be okay, Dierks Bentley sings in almost every song. He finds a way to make his music fit into your life especially with The Mountain.

Take for example, You Can’t Hold Me Down, Bentley sings “Any cheap shots that you got, yeah, I can handle, You don’t get this far without knowing how to get up off the ground”. Or the Mountain singing about moving forward one step at a time, there will always be an obstacle but one step at a time and you can make it.

Then he has the uplifting stories about love and days when life isn’t perfect, Stranger To Myself  sung to a beautiful melody is one of my favorites from the new album. “Just sitting on the porch with you, Knowing now what I never knew like, How much more to life there is, When you have someone to share it with, You stretched this heart of mine, A million miles wide.”  Living is that song that brings the uplifting “life” to the album, sung with a fun, upbeat tempo: Some days you just breath in, Just try to break even, Sometimes your heart’s poundin’ out of your chest, Sometimes it’s just beatin’, Some days you just forget, What all you’ve been given, Some days you just get back, And some days you’re just alive.”

Other note-able songs, Burning Man, again, one of my favorites off the album, with Brother’s Osborne adds this upbeat song about life is what it is, and how everyone is just trying to figure it out along the way: “Some days I’m headed in the right direction
And some days I ain’t even close.”  There’s breakup songs that show the strength in you, like Goodbye in Telluride If you’ve gotta let me go I’m gonna be alright.”

Dierks Bentley took a risk here, he went off the map of normal country music of this generation, there is no real party song on this album, it’s more personal, it’s more deep, there’s this uplifting quality to it, with hope in every song. It was a risk, but it paid off, once again, I can relate to every song on The Mountain, I might not have even realized it at first. So thanks Dierks Bentley and everyone else that worked on this album for giving us all an album that we need in our lives.

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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