The Blog Connect: Burnout Happens

One of my favorite topics of discussion at the Blog Connect was about blog burnout. You guys it happens to all of us and that’s okay.

I get Burnout all the time, whether it be from reading or blogging. Sometimes it feels 20171213_115133.jpgmore like a job than a hobby and it can be the worst. Especially because I love doing both. I always felt like a failure when it happens, and when I feel like I’m forcing myself to write which never gives you great content.

Anyway, this was a topic of discussion at the blog connect, both as a presentation and not. It was great to hear others who feel the same way as you. It gave me more confidence to be like, okay, I’m going to take a week off and refresh myself.

So, here’s my advice to avoid Burnout.

  1. Blog when you feel like it. There is always that moment when inspiration hits you, and in that moment I find myself writing my best content.
  2. When you are writing, try to do it without distraction, I’ve learned the less distraction the better
  3. It’s okay to take some time off — however long you need
    1. and you don’t need to feel like you have a blog post all the time
  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can bang out three drafts in a week, I’m on schedule and sometimes even that doesn’t happen but I’m okay with it.
  5. It’s okay, and you know what? We all have these issues — but the blogging community is so great! You will always have support no matter what

This is my advice. Don’t ever feel like this has to be a job that you don’t want to do. Find the inspiration and the love in your blog and if that means taking a few days, a week, a month off or more it’s okay. We’ll still be here! You do you.

6 thoughts on “The Blog Connect: Burnout Happens

    • The Perfect Honeybee says:

      Thank you! Yes that happens sometimes with my book reviews too more so than my travel posts. I feel like I can always tell too because the posts are usually short and I usually say something like meh haha


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