The Blog Connect: Define Your Habits

This is my last post on the blog connect and what I learned. I already told you about nicheless blogging and burnouts that are real, this one hits a little differently than those.


Photo by: Tim Becker Photography

Habits. It’s not just about blogging but in retrospect anything. Habits are your goals that you think will be easy to maintain on a regular basis. It could take months to get a habit down that feels right for you, there might be some that work and some that don’t. You might start one and change your mind and that’s okay. You evolve everyday and so will your habits.

This presentation was done by Sarah, of Yes and Yes blog. I honestly had never heard of this blogger before but after her presentation I started following her because of her amazing insight.

Anyway, I decided to come up with mine own habits/goals and see if in a few months they lasted:

  • Read everyday for a half hr
  • Blog once a week (with no distraction except music)
  • Cook every Monday (I know, I hate cooking, so I’m starting out small)
  • Workout every other day (even if this is just walking)
  • Use part of Sunday to meal prep (this is big, I need this in my life)
  • Schedule time once a week to seriously go through the blogs I follow (I can sometimes be horrible at this)
  • Touch base with my friends 😊

I’m going to ease into this, not do all at once and see what happens. I don’t know which I’m going to start with first but I’m leaning toward reading a bit everyday and meal prepping on Sundays….wish me luck!

Do you guys have “habits”? If do, what are they? Do they work for you to the point where they don’t feel like a chore anymore?

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