Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

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It’s almost Amazon Prime Day! I wasn’t asked by Amazon to do a post on them but I figured since I’ve been waiting a few months for today that I’d let you know why I love Amazon so much and why, as a book reader on a budget I think it’s the best deal. Yes, I understand this means I don’t go to bookstores and yes that does in fact make me sad, I promise, I try to buy a few books a year at a bookstore.

If I convince you enough, and you want to try out Amazon, you can click on the link here to try out Amazon Prime.

Here’s why you should love Amazon

  • You can get credits for books simply by not doing the two day shipping. But don’t worry, it still comes in 3 days
  • But that two day shipping is pretty nice
  • If you love shows like Game of Thrones and Outlander, you can get the HBO and Starz apps for only $8.99/month and you can cancel at any time. For me, that’s a huge deal. It’s so much cheaper than a year and it’s cheaper a month
  • Books, Books and More Books are so easily accessible through Amazon and if you pre-order they have a price guarantee — meaning if you pre-order a book and the price goes up, you won’t be charged but if it goes down, you’ll get the best deal
  • I mentioned the whole credits for books by not doing two day shipping, well you can also get cash back if you get their credit card — it’s like 3% or 5% cash back that basically turns into money for your next purchase — it’s pretty awesome, but there are also really easy ways to get gift cards through bank reward points and honey
  • Free eBook every month– It’s called Amazon First Reads! You can choose, and they have some really good ones like Beneath A Scarlet Sky, In Farleigh Field and Daughters in The Night Sky. It’s an awesome little perk especially for book lovers like me
  • Amazon Music — we have two echos (love them and Alexa), and with Amazon Prime, you can stream a ton of music off your phone, off your Alexa or your computer, it’s an awesome little perk
  • Amazon Video — while some of the movies and tv shows are the same as Netflix, it’s another really nice perk to have with your membership. They also have some pretty great originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I know, Amazon Prime is kind of expensive — roughly $100 dollars a year (unless you’re a student). But honestly, it’s so worth it — I definitely get all the perks within a year to make my membership of $100 a great investment. We are also buying off of Amazon, and while sometimes I wish I just went shopping, the convenience of it all when you work full time is perfect.

If I convinced you to give it a try — head to the link here. If you already have Prime — happy shopping!

6 thoughts on “Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

  1. Megan says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who orders primarily from Amazon. I always feel guilty, but then again I don’t want to pay more money for the same book from a bookstore.

    I might start trying for the credits by delaying the 2 day shipping though. That’s smart, and I could probably do with being less impatient. πŸ™‚ I saw that you didn’t mention Prime Reading though. It’s pretty hit or miss, but I enjoy it sometimes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perfect Honeybee says:

      Oh yes I forgot about prime reading, good catch! I don’t have a tablet at the moment so everything I read it hardcover. I do feel bad at times about not buying from the bookstore but my wallet can only handle so much! Definitely check out the shipping delay, they always have some pretty fun credits. Happy shopping! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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