Visiting Stonehenge


If you’re looking for a place to travel to that’s outside of London, I recommend Stonehenge. If you have an entire day to explore, I’d even recommend doing a multi-site tour, maybe from Viator.

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We actually visited Stonehenge on our way back to London from Cornwall. It was a little stop over that worked best for our travel plans. With The English Heritage Overseas Pass we saved some money. Stonehenge will cost you about 17.50 pounds if you book online without the Heritage Overseas Pass, I would recommend looking into the pass if you plan to go to more than one of the English Heritage’s locations. We also booked our tickets online, which is recommended because the days book pretty quickly. They’ll even ask you to pick a time that you expect to arrive. But don’t sweat too much, we got there early, skipped the line to buy (since we already had tickets) and they let us in — over an hour early, maybe it was because we went in the middle of the week, or maybe the hours for that day didn’t sell out. Regardless, it was smooth sailing.

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Stonehenge has a lot to offer. To be honest, I was so impressed with the entire location. Though I have to admit, it was comical seeing these stones so close to a main road. When you first get there, you have an option to watch an educational video on the rocks — one that will let you visualize what it would be like to stand in the middle of the stones. After which, you can either walk or take a bus to the stones and see them first hand. It’s a remarkable site. How have these stones been around for so long? How have they defied the odds and stayed in the shape that their in? I honestly couldn’t believe it.


I also really enjoyed how easily it was to view the standing stones. You really didn’t have to worry about people being in your way. As you walked around the perimeter, you could read little stories about the stones, you could even see where the sun rises and sets and the look in which they would have on the stones. What was even more amazing was that you were given a map of other significant sites all around Stonehenge that you could walk or drive to. My boyfriend commented on his surprise that there were more and I couldn’t have agreed more with him.

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Stonehenge is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you can get there while you’re on vacation go. If you can make it a day trip and go somewhere else at the same time like Bath — I’d recommend it, it’s one of things I wish we had been able to fit in.

11 thoughts on “Visiting Stonehenge

    • The Perfect Honeybee says:

      We honestly weren’t there that long, I feel like Stonehenge alone could be done in about an hr, but if you want to see some of the other sites around it (and take in a few walks) then maybe 3ish? We didn’t do that though because we had to return our car


  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    This is certainly an acknowledged icon of Great Britain and for anyone interested in history and how this structure came about and it’s meaning. It’s great you made the time to stop in on your way to London. The photos you took are great.

    Liked by 1 person

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