Quarterly expenses — June 2018

Quarter 2 of 2018 is complete! Can you believe it? If you remember, I wanted to do some quarterly expenses for you guys when it came to my book buying habit. I wrote a whole blog post about how I expect to save some money in the book world. Don’t worry, I have some ideas to help you if you’re saving for traveling, that will be a little bit later this year.

With us buying a house, expenses on fun things are really important. So here’s the thing, what I might have said first quarter has changed this quarter. But that’s going to happen since this is all real life numbers. I’ve considered what I really care about other than a house and that’s of course traveling and reading. Which means I had to really consider how to continue to read and do those things with a completely different budget from before.

So let’s recap a bit:

In the first quarter, I went from book box subscriptions to one time boxes because I was ending up with too many things that I didn’t care for. This quarter I removed myself from book boxes completely (well, at least half way through this quarter). Again, I was really liking the stuff on a regular basis anymore. Instead, I figured I’d try for a past box later on if I really liked the stuff in it. Could this mean I don’t get it? Yes, but that’s just a risk I was willing to take, because honestly I have so many things I don’t want. Even some books, that I’ll be donating — it’s great to donate but I spent that money on what exactly?

Total Spent in Quarter 2 on Book Boxes: $22.00

Book Stuff:

I tried some new things with my book stuff. I get cash back when I use honey. Which is basically like ebates but for gift cards only, and sometimes you can get points in areas where you can’t with ebates. I was able to get a few Amazon gift cards that helped pay for some of my books this quarter. You can find out more through my referral link here. On top of paperbackbookswap. I also use some cash back I get from Amazon — prime is worth it.

Book Haul:

  • A Darker Shade of Magic
  • A Gathering of Shadows
  • War Storm
  • Still Lives
  • A Gentleman in Moscow
  • The Girl Who Smiled Beads

Total Spent on Books in Quarter 2: $44.22

Here’s where the numbers stand:

My 2017 (Baseline) Book/Bookish $$ = 863 (Quarterly Goal <=$194)

My 2018 Quarter 1 Book/Bookish $$ = $172.29! $21.96 Under Budget

My 2018 Quarter 2 Book/Bookish $$ = $66.22 127.78 Under Budget

So far so good. Between gift cards/cash back and omitting the book boxes, I’m feeling good with my budget. I don’t really miss the book boxes either which has me pretty certain that I made the right decision in stopping them for now.

How do you save/spend for things that you really like? Or budget in general on things?

5 thoughts on “Quarterly expenses — June 2018

  1. Neha Rai says:

    It is so good to see that you are maintaining and staying below your budget spend from last year. It definitely helps when you someone gifts you the book you wanted, sponsorship is also one of the best methods to save on book costs.


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