House Hunting Part 2: Everything they forget to tell you when buying a house

It’s official! We bought a house, I’m actually writing this post the night before our closing, because I am too anxious to go to sleep.  Man, it was so much work and, I mean, my boyfriend did most of it! Once we made an offer and it was accepted, I thought it would be easy but it was harder than I thought. There was a lot that I didn’t realize happened after the acceptance. Here’s everything you need to know!

The Paperwork

Like the fact that you have to get your loan (another awesome reason for a mortgage broker), talk to your attorney, set up your inspection or in our case inspections, get those results. Your appraisal has to do be done and do all the necessary things before closing day. It was of course, a little stressful because we were hoping to have all of this done before we left on vacation.

It’s your responsibility

I just assumed someone else would take care of it all. It was a lot of work that first week, a lot of phone calls during work and emails that you had to logistically plan to get everything done. The first and last week of the whole process was either stressful or exciting. I honestly had trouble separating it all from my work life (I think co-workers noticed too, but, oh well).

Don’t be surprised if your closing date changes

Ours did. I was very frustrated, we both were. But a lot of my coworkers told me that it’s actually really common for that to happen. It doesn’t mean that it was stressful, but after a few deep breaths we were able to relax and luckily it was only changed once.

There will be bumps

It’s not going to run smoothly, it’s really frustrating. You never know what’s going to pop up as a little issue or a major issue and it’s a lot of waiting around to try and resolve it. I am impatient, this makes things impatient.

There’s also the whole giving up a lot of your money at one time, something I wasn’t looking forward to. But I feel like it’s going to be worth it!

8 thoughts on “House Hunting Part 2: Everything they forget to tell you when buying a house

  1. Megan says:

    Congrats on the new home! I’ll probably be an apartment renter forever because I HATED having to pay for/take care of my own maintenance, but it’s nice to have a space that’s truly yours and that you can do what you want to it.

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  2. Nicole Anderson says:

    Congratulations on your new home! I remember the first place I bought and there is a lot to bear in mind but I was lucky in that I had family members help me who had all ‘been there, done that’ before, so it made it a bit easier. My fiance and I just build another home through a well-established building company and that was an exciting process as well, choosing the design, approving the plans, selecting floor coverings, brickwork, light fittings, plumbing accessories, driveway, landscaping…the list just goes on and on. It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. Hope you and your boyfriend love your new place.

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  3. thetraveller says:

    Such a helpful and interesting read. One of The biggest purchases of you life is truely stressful but if you do the right things it can be a bit less stressful. Hope you enjoy the new house. Congratulations once again.

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  4. Neha Rai says:

    Congratulations for buying a new house. I had the same experience. Buying a home for the first time is extremely chaotic as no one will guide you properly. The paper work, the taxes, change of name there is so much to do. But all efforts feel worthwhile when you move in to he home you always dreamed of.

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