Winney’s BlueBerry Farm

I’ve tried blueberry picking in the past and have hated it. The time of year for it is is August (super hot) and there are usually bugs (hi bees, not a fan of you) but I decided to try it again this year.


About 15mins east of Saratoga Springs is Winney’s BlueBerry Farm which also has a little market — for blueberries (if you don’t want to pick them), jam and other such delicious items. The drive is really fun, you get to see Upstate New York at it’e finest — farm land everywhere (get ready to see a lot of corn).

This farm is huge! I expected it to be this little blueberry farm but it looked and felt more like an apple orchard. There are all these little roads to get to you different types of blueberries — I honestly thought there was only one type of blueberry, I guess you really learn something every day.


If you’re going to head there, I recommend going early in the morning, it’s not too hot and the later the day, the more people there are. So if you are looking for some peace and quiet to pick and enjoy being there, I recommend going as early as possible (we were there by 8:30am). Keep in mind they only take cash but it’s so worth it. I think a pound was like $4? Let’s put it this way, I spent $25 for over 8lbs of blueberries (yes, I’m freezing some) which is a steal when you think about how much it is at a grocery store.

If I rated places like this like I rate books, it would get a 5/5 star rating.


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