Dierks Bentley Concert In Review

Saratoga Performing Arts Center is one of my favorite places to see concerts. It also helps that it’s in my hometown so there is easy access to a bunch of concerts each summer. It is, an outdoor type venue — with indoor seating and a lawn section that can hold roughly 20,000 people. They have concerts, the ballet and the orchestra all summer long but it wasn’t until this summer that they finally had Dierks Bentley!


This post will probably be pretty bias because as you all might be aware from previous posts, I love Dierks Bentley. In fact this is my third time seeing him live — you can read my other reviews of his 2014 concert and his 2016 concert. It seems we see him every 2 years — that will probably keep happening unless he comes to Saratoga again next year 🙂


Spoilers ahead so if you’re going to the concert this year and don’t want know what happens stop reading now! Below are some videos, I know they aren’t the best but I felt like you guys really needed to understand the energy of the concert and how amazing The Mountain High Tour is/was!

The Line Up:

First of all, Dierks seems to have a D.J. the past couple of tours and it is so fun. The D.J. does not play country music, in fact, the music is all over the place and I really feel like it starts to get you hyped up for the rest of the concert. He comes out during each little intermission and there is something awesome about it compared to just having music playing in the background.

Speaking of intermissions, the lineup for the concert was seriously amazing this year if you like Country Music.

It started with Dierks and his band dressed in disguise being complete goofballs as a bluegrass band At first I didn’t really understand what was going on until Dierks started to sing Black and then the crowd realized who it was and started freaking out. It was honestly amazing to see, I have never had an artist who is the tour come out first and just play some music with his band to start the show. It was definitely special.

Check out some videos below, you can find them on my facebook page too: Wandering & Reading


After which was LANCO. So, I’ve definitely heard songs by LANCO but didn’t know they were them. Anyway, LANCO was an amazing way to really start the show off. They had so much energy and you could tell that they really enjoyed being up there on stage. The boyfriend thinks they might be the next big thing and I think he might be right.


Next up was Brothers Osborne and honestly, they sounded exactly like what they do on the radio. The vocals and the guitar was perfect. I mean, they could have their own concert and I would be there in a second!


Then it was time for Dierks Bentley. Dierks is without a doubt the best entertainer I have ever seen. He also seems to be so humble and truly loves his fans, he’s so thankful for everything and us. He also did a few shout outs to how amazing SPAC was and how he will have to come back (which definitely had me excited considering I’ve always wanted him to come here).

His most recent album was his 9th which means he has a lot of songs to that he can choose from when he’s up there singing. His concert is a party but in a different way than say Luke Bryan, because his music isn’t party music — it’s just so good that you want to get up and sing along. In fact, most of the songs I videoed can have me hearing the entire crowd singing along.


While most artists do go out into the crowd to sing a bit (Keith Urban had a stage in/near the lawn), Dierks did this twice, with two different stages out in the crowd to once again give you that feeling of how much he truly cares for his fans.


Another way he cares about his fans? He always mentions someone who was an inspiration. For example before he sang Riser he mentioned how there are so many people out there that inspire him everyday (a big part of his newest album) and one of those people were at the concert — who was in his music video The Mountain and who was part of the 2013 Boston Marathon, the year of the bombing — everyone clapped and got emotional. that’s the thing about Dierks, his songs always mean something to someone. While he was performing Woman Amen, he had pictures of Women who have Inspired people in the audience — you could submit a picture before the concert to play during it, it’s just another way (other than him thanking us over and over again) that he shows how much he truly cares for his fans.


Since Dierks has 9 studio albums, it means when you go to one of his concerts — you get everything from his very first to his newest. He’s always mixing his albums together which means there is always something for everyone.


Below is concert setlist of songs (with the album next to it for your reference). If you’re a fan of his music, you will notice that he did a really excellent job at mixing ballad/slower songs with upbeat ones. You’ll never have a lull when he’s out there performing.

  • The Mountain  — The Mountain (2018)
  • Hold On — Riser (2014)
  • Free and Easy — Long Trip Home (2006)
  • Somewhere on A Beach — Black (2016)
  • Woman Amen — The Mountain (2018)
  • Black — Black (2016)
  • Burning Man — The Mountain (2018)
  • Up on The Ridge — Up on The Ridge (2010)
  • 5-1-5-0 — Home (2012)
  • Riser —Riser (2014)
  • Different For Girls — Black (2016)
  • Am I The Only One — Home (2012)
  • Tip it On Back — Home (2012)
  • Say You Do —Riser (2014)
  • Living — The Mountain (2018)
  • What Was I Thinkin — Dierks Bentley (2003)
  • Sideways — Feel That Fire (2009)
  • Drunk on A Plane —Riser (2014)

As always, he was amazing, the whole concert was amazing — his openers were the best I’ve seen. I cannot wait to go and see him again, his shows are always entertaining, upbeat and hopeful. He really had to fight in the industry to get to where he is, he doesn’t “form” to what this newer country is and it shows in his music. Come back soon Dierks!

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