How I feel about being a homeowner

Well, we did it. We’ve been in our new house for a couple of weeks now, and some things feel the same while other things feel completely different.

To start, becoming a homeowner is really scary. What if we lose our job, or get sick? It’s a huge investment and a lot of money, this was my initial feeling but my boyfriend made it a good point: just because of what ifs does that mean we are going to rent for the rest of our lives? That puts things into perspective.

Now that I’m in the house, I’m less anxious. The whole process brings out a lot of different emotions — excitement, stress, anxiety, frustration but I can tell it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

Everyone is always telling me that there are going to be projects with the house, as a new homeowner, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of things we need that we don’t own. So, more expenses. Which means, more responsibility when it comes to life in general. I’ve also noticed that in the beginning, there’s a lot to buy. My wallet will be happy when that quiets down a bit.

But it’s worth it, owning a house by 30 was always one of my goals. I wanted a place that could be mine, here’s to many more years (and posts) of this home.

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