5 Must Things to Do In Niagara Falls

Another throwback travel post! Have you guys ever been to Niagara Falls? Can you believe that I’ve lived in New York almost my whole life (30 – 6) and it took me until I was moving to VT 5 years ago to actually go there?

You’re probably thinking wow, but in all honesty Niagara Falls is far from where I live, like….over 5 hours away, New York is a big State and Niagara Falls was just never a place that seemed like a nice weekend trip.

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My mom and I went for a little mother-daughter trip the weekend before I was moving in with my (still) boyfriend in Vermont. Neither of us had ever been so we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to go. It ended up being the perfect weekend for it too.

What is Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls and has pieces of the water in the United States (New York) and Canada. A huge tourist spot, Niagara Falls is considered the most powerful falls in the United States.

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What To Do:

You have to go to both the United States side and the Canadian side. The views are totally different and worth seeing. While there we did three of the most popular attractions and it was well worth our time. You can go on the Maid of The Mist, a boat ride that brings you up to the falls. You will get soaked but you will have fun doing it, promise!

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Next up is the Cave of The Wind walking tour that gets you as close to the falls as you’re going to want to get. Another wet adventure, you can really feel the power of the falls here.

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Last but not least is heading over to the Canadian side of things to see the full view of the falls. Also, please make reservations at the Skylon Tower where you get to eat high above the city with a view of the Falls that you’ll never forget.

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You can either get the normal dining room or you can get the rotating room that shows you all views of the falls and the city. Don’t worry if you don’t do the rotating view, you can just walk outside and walk around the top of the Skylon to see everything.

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Last but not least is checking out the fireworks and the falls all light up at night. It’s an amazing view, might be my favorite of the entire weekend to be honest. I’m actually hoping to go back in the Winter, maybe in 2019. I would love to see the falls frozen. Yes, they freeze in the winter and it honestly looks amazing.



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