August Roundup

August has come and gone, I am so happy. It means it’s September and the start of Fall which is my favorite season of the year and this year I’m hoping it will help quiet our life down (though I doubt that’s going to happen)!

What’s new:

I am going to retire the Favorite Book Quotes at the end of this year, it’s been fun but I feel like I don’t have a passion for it anymore, maybe I’ll pick it back up. The good news is that you still have 4 months to go with it.

While I retire Favorite Book Quotes of the month, I’m adding DIY and House projects to the blog in hopes to help new homeowners tackle projects and expenses…..

Speaking about expenses, I’ve been doing Quarterly Expense reports specific to Book Buying and staying on a budget, I’m going to start expanding this type of blog posts. I really want to start talking about budgets more — whether it’s related to travel, or books or paying off debt (like my student loans) these posts will come soon. One post I’m really excited about to look forward to at the end of the year is: How I went to England & Iceland, Bought a House and Paid a Student Loan Off This Year. Get ready for it!

Current obsessions:

Last month I was on the Parks and Recreation, in August I was obsessed with New Girl, honestly I love Nick Miller (PS — my boyfriend is such a Nick Miller — courtesy of GIPHY).

Also obsessed with To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved on Netflix, basically the month of August has been all about Netflix.

The Adventures

We saw Dierks Bentley for a third time and I’m now convinced that I have to go to the Seven Peaks Festival next Labor Day weekend.


The House

We got a lot done in August, I’m really hoping to just relax in September. We painted a room (yay it looks so good)! You can read about how to do it here. We did a lot of yard work too, we can now officially see our back yard (byeeeee bushes) and have a new light fixture in the kitchen that makes it 100% brighter. It’s exciting to work on house projects but exhausting.


Books Read:

  • Drums of Autumn 4/5 stars
  • A Discovery of Witches 4/5 stars
  • Shadow of Night 3/4 stars


Like I said, I can’t wait for September, we have a lot planned so it’s going to be a busy month but I’m looking forward to it all the same. Enjoy your first month of Fall everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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