How To Re-Upholster Chair Cushions

We’ve only been in our home for two months and I already feel like I’m going to have so many DIY projects to show you guys. I’m not normally someone that does a lot of DIY, it must be because it’s now for a house that I’m more motivated. Today’s post is all about re-upholstering chairs for the first time.

The Beginning

To start, I have no idea how to re-upholster chairs so it’s really lucky I had help from my boyfriends mom who has done some re-upholstering in the past. We had some old rockers that needed some library love before they went into the room. I have to admit though it felt really good when it was done and now whenever there are compliments I can say I helped doing it!

What you need

  • Iron/Ironing board
  • Fabric (try Spoonflower)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Glue or nail gun
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

Photo Collage_20180916_153001584.jpg

Not mentioned in the steps below but recommended is cleaning the furniture/cushions before you put everything back together 🙂


  • First and foremost is taking everything off the furniture you don’t want or need plus cushions. We had a lot to do with this, we needed to get the skirts off the chairs and rockers and the fabric off the cushions without ripping or breaking any of the materials.
  • Next step is measuring out the new fabric. You keep the old in order to cut out what the new cushions/pillows etc will look like. This took awhile, we had multiple skirts and 4 cushions to cut out (x 2 for each side)
  • Photo Collage_20180916_153129382.jpgIt’s really easier to work on a project like this when there are two of you, another reason why I’m so thankful my boyfriend’s mom was there to help. The next step is sewing the fabrics together and honestly it’s nice to have one person working on that at the same time as one person is cutting the fabric. It would have taken us 3 weeks if I was sewing — that’s not an easy task especially when you have to sew around edges.
  • Don’t forget to iron everything so it doesn’t look wrinkled! That’s the next step in the process, and ironing is one of my favorite chores so I was ready to go. 20180903_083859.jpg
  • The last step is putting everything together. We actually used super glue for the skirts but a nail gun would work just as well (we didn’t have one so we improvised). Once that was done, we did some last minute touches on the skirts (pinned them so they would know how to look) before bringing them upstairs.

These chairs are exactly what I wanted! It may have taken an entire weekend to put them together but they are perfect and I can’t wait for people to come over and see them. The fabric is more than I could ask for, these DIY projects are seriously the best. I’ve already started my next one and can’t wait to show you!


Have you re-upholstered anything before? What would be your recommendation/advice on doing it?

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