Fort Ticonderoga

Another throwback traveling post. I have to admit, with buying a house we haven’t done much since our trip to England — no hiking, kayaking, exploring, so it had me thinking about other trips we’ve done in the past that I haven’t told you about. Fort Ticonderoga.

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Fort Ticonderoga is located in the Upstate region of New York, about an hr to an hr and a half from Saratoga Springs and almost on the border of New York and Vermont.

What is Fort Ticonderoga?

A Fort located on Lake Champlain, it has been used during the French and Indian Wars, and the Revolutionary War. A popular Fort during the 18th century, it was not only defensible but it had the lake for port and travel. Known especially during the Revolutionary War when Green Mountain Boys captured the fort from the British.

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How To Get There:

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There are multiple signs on I-87 or the Northway in New York, if you’re coming from Saratoga, just hop on the highway and drive North until you see signs, from there, you’ll get off and head unto a cute little road around some lakes (very scenic) before you get there. You could also leave from Lake George and take 9N to really go the scenic route. Cost is $10 (children), $22 (Seniors), $24 (Adults).

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What to See and Do:

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You’re going to see some epic views when you’re there and have a better understanding on why this Fort was so important during the different wars. It definitely has a location that is desirable.

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You’re also going to learn a lot, there are reenactments throughout the day, it reminded me so much of Boston and Plymouth Plantation. It really helps put into perspective what it was like for people during that time period to live and fight in an environment like this.

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There’s so much to do that kids will never be bored here, in fact, it’s the perfect spot to take the kids. With so much to see and do, they’ll get a glimpse of how this Fort used to operate.

I have to admit, this was cooler than I expected it to be. It’s like walking back in history, they also have reenactments going on throughout the day, it’s the perfect family day. There is so much to learn and so much to be in awe of (like for example the plaque above). It’s just another thing I love about the history of New York and something I feel is important in American History. PS – if you read Outlander, you’ll notice that Fort Ticonderoga, like the Saratoga Battlefield are mentioned — Jamie and Claire end up here too!


6 thoughts on “Fort Ticonderoga

  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    This place is situated amongst stunning scenery, it is hard to imagine that this is also a place where people were at war, with much suffering that this comes with.

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