Quarterly Expenses 2018-Q3

Quarter 3 has come and gone. There’s been a lot of new expenses because of the house so I’ve been thinking in the future on what this is going to look like in the new year. This report is all about saving on book buying but I’ve decided come January 2018, I’m going to expand it for budgeting purposes for a few reasons:

  1. To keep myself accountable on my budgeting goals
  2. Help all of you with creating your own budget for the new year

Anyway, while this will stay like normal for the next 2 quarters, we’ll update/chat in January on how to budget and what those new goals will be coming forward which will include travel, the house, student loans and my “fun expenses” which include books of course!

Quarter 3 Bookishboxes:

I’ve officially stopped all book boxes and one time subscriptions. Like in quarter 2, I really evaluated the boxes and realized I wasn’t a huge fan of everything that I received. So instead, I buy either through swaps or when there are sales on the websites. It honestly seems to work a lot better and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Also– to help with this, I’ve stopped the temptation aka following these subscriptions on instagram. If I can’t see them, I will feel less likely to buy non-essential book stuff (half of which I end up trying to swap anyway).

Total Spent in Quarter 2 on Book Boxes: $100.00, saved $78 from previous quarter

Quarter 3 Books:

We’ve been so busy that reading has kind of fallen behind this past quarter which means I haven’t had time to buy a books to be honest. So here’s a recap of books “bought” in the past quarter:

  • My Grandmother Told Me To Tell You She’s Sorry
  • PS I Still Love You
  • To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved
  • A Conjuring of Light
  • The Zookeepers Wife
  • Big Little Lies
  • Trouble The Water
  • One Day: Twenty Years, Two Lives
  • Lilac Girls
  • The Ragged Edge of Night
  • Sharp Objects
  • Hotel Sacher
  • Beautiful Exiles

Okay, I guess I did get a lot of books this past quarter, but I swear I didn’t pay a lot for these! Every book that’s highlighted in blue represents books that I received through Amazon Prime Reading which gives you a free book a month if you’re a prime member — umm yes, hello thank you! Books in purple represent books I received through paperbackbookswap which is discounted because, well it’s a swap!

Books in bold are digital books I received through Amazon — did you know that you can do a longer shipping time through amazon prime (instead of the 2-day shipping) and you can get a digital credit for books or music etc? Well I racked up some points and got both of these books for less than two books!

Green books represent books I bought through Amazon with gift cards from honey — remember honey? I mentioned it during my last quarterly expense. Honey is basically like ebates but for gift cards only, and sometimes you can get points in areas where you can’t with ebates. I was able to get a few Amazon gift cards that helped pay for some of my books this quarter. You can find out more through my referral link here.

Total Spent in Quarter 2 on Books: $34.00, saved $15 from previous quarter

Here’s where the numbers stand:

My 2017 (Baseline) Book/Bookish for 3 Quarters $$ = 583

My 2018 Quarter 2-3 Book/Bookish $$ = $360! $223 Under Budget!

So far so good. Between gift cards/cash back and omitting the book boxes, I’m feeling good with my budget. Saving on books here has been really beneficial with the house too. My overall budget isn’t too shabby thanks to this. It’s really given me motivation to up these quarterly expense posts to in January (I know, I already mentioned that), I’m really excited to already know some new changes to happen to this blog!

How do you save/spend for things that you really like? Or budget in general on things?

2 thoughts on “Quarterly Expenses 2018-Q3

  1. Neha Rai says:

    It is good to see you read so many books and still spend so less on them. A free month from Amazon really helps. to be reading so many books in a quarter takes a lot of efforts. I hardly read any book last quarter.


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