Restaurant Review: Hattie’s

This is my first ever restaurant review! In the past I’ve told you all about places to eat in Saratoga (which you can check out here) but I’ve never written a post specifically related to one restaurant until now. That’s partly because Hattie’s didn’t make the cut when I was recommending places the first time around and because it was amazing.

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Why didn’t it make the cut the first time around? I hadn’t been before. We are still trying to get to restaurants in Saratoga and there are still a lot we haven’t been to you, even though we’ve been living here for 2 years already. Out to dinner with some friends and they recommended Hattie’s so we decided to give it a try with my boyfriends parents when they were visiting.

What is Hattie’s?

Hattie’s is a little restaurant off Broadway (the main road of Saratoga) and known for it’s Southern Style food, especially their fried chicken. In fact, the restaurant is known for one of the best fried chickens around and have won competitions against Bobby Flay on the Food Network. Around for over 40 years, Hattie’s was started by none other than Hattie herself, who came from Louisiana to start her restaurant in the heart of Saratoga. In fact, on one side of the menu, you can read all there is to know about the history of Hattie’s and what the owners pride themselves in (hint: it’s not just their food).

The Review:

I mean, this place received 5 out of 5 stars from us. Firstly, when you walk into the restaurant you feel like you’re walking back in time to 40years ago in the south. It’s this picturesque atmosphere that gets you right away. But what keeps you coming back isn’t just the atmosphere but the food. Not only is it delicious but it’s also a lot of food for a reasonable price (my favorite thing to see).

The traditional is there too for all you Southern food lovers – almost all of us got Friend Chicken, an order of hush puppies and an order of fried okra. I’ve had hush puppies before but it wasn’t until Hattie’s that I realized what Hush Puppies should really taste like. Looking for your bread/biscuits? You’ll get melt in your mouth biscuits to start.

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In fact, my boyfriend’s dad is from the south and he and my boyfriends mom were amazed by how absolutely amazing the food was. It’s now become their favorite spot and I can already tell we will be going there every time they visit – which I’m okay with!


To put into perspective the cost, the plate shown above was about 18.95, you can’t see it super clearly, but it came with 3 pieces of chicken and two sides. A great deal!

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