5 Must See Sites in London As A Tourist

It has been 3 months since we went to England. I honestly cannot believe it was THAT long ago. It still feels like yesterday. There was a lot I liked about London and a lot that I loved. Below are the 5 things every tourist should see or do while there.

St Paul’s Cathedral 

This was my favorite site to see in all of London. Not only was it amazing inside, but the view from the top of the dome (and the fact that we climbed the stairs to the top of the dome) is someting you will never forget. This is 100% my top thing to recommend.

Do a Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour or any Tour

The great thing about doing a bus tour is what you get to see that you might not see taking the tube or walking around. There is a lot of achitecture in London that might be missed if you aren’t looking up. Be aware though, this could take awhile due to traffice. But the views are worth it. Below are pictures of some of the things we saw on the bus that you might not see any other way.

Afternoon Tea

You might not be a tea drinker but you’re in England so please make sure you find time for it. Plus, you will get to have a really delicious lunch!

Tower Bridge

I mean this is a Peter Pan fan’s dream. Not only is it exactly what you would imagine it to be. Walking across the glass floor and being able to go through the history and engineering of this bridge is a must.
Westminster Abbey

Are you surprised Buckingham Palace isn’t on this list? Ttuthfully, I am too, but other than seeing it, there really isn’t much to do there. That is why I picked Westminster Abbey. Honestly, this is right up there with St Paul’s Cathedral with being my favorite site in London. The architecture is amazjng, I can’t get over it and the history is out of this world. Royalty has been buried there longer tha the United States has been the United Statss , put that into perspective. Make sure you get the visual aid as you make your way through the Abbey, you’re going to want it.

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