Prospect Mountain

While it’s no longer Fall here (there’s been frost, rain and dampness), I wanted to get you all prepared for activities you could do next Fall, or even in the Spring or Summer in the Adirondacks. Prospect Mountain

Where is it?

Prospect Mountain is in the heart of Lake George. Literally. You’re only a short drive away from the center of town, which is great if you want to see some views while visiting the outlets or the actual lake.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, plant, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Why I Love It Here:

For one, it’s totally worth the $10 to drive up the Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The drive is the reason why I love this mountain, sure, you could take a short hike up but this view (above) is a view anyone can see because of the drive. While you can’t drive to the very top, there are shuttles to bring you. Which I love for families with children, for people who are older, they can still see a gorgeous view with the lake and mountains as a backdrop without having to exert too much energy, but also having a say, a picnic if you feel up to it!

Another amazing this about Prospect Mountain is that on your drive up there are lookout points that you can stop at for some extra views. There are also some short little hikes/walks that give you other views as well as a feel of being in nature and not just driving up a mountain!
You can visit Prospect Mountain and read up on it’s history from Memorial Day until mid to late October!

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