November (2018) Roundup

November had a lot of first for us — adventure wise and house wise. It was a really exciting time, now that the Holiday season is in full swing, I’ve definitely been in the spirit.

What’s new in life:

Not too much exciting happened in November. Work has been crazy (as always, I don’t think that’s ever going to end), we had our third meetup for local bloggers, I’m really hoping in the new year this picks up a little more!

Current obsessions:

Poldark finished up (goodbye Ross Poldark and friends for now). I have to admit, it stuck pretty closely to the books, I just love them. I’m sad it’s ending next season but I feel like it’s the right time — especially book sense.

never learn eleanor tomlinson GIF by MASTERPIECE | PBS
thanks gify for this one!

With Poldark over, luckily Outlander started back up (yayyyyy give me all of Jamie in America). It’s been good so far but I still really don’t like Brianna — does anyone?

season 4 america GIF by Outlander

The Adventures

Iceland! Yes! You’ve probably already read one of my posts about Iceland, there will be more, I promise! Get ready for as much information as possible on that country with the crazy landscape.

We also hosted our first ever Thanksgiving in the house with both sides of our family and had our first snow storm. We usually get snow in November but never storms, it was a little crazy and it’s been cold, I have a feeling this winter will be for winter lovers. PS because I can’t not tell you, on the way to Iceland, the welcome video talked about how New York gets more brutal and cold winters than Iceland which really made me laugh, in fact, back home had more snow and colder temperatures (by 25 degrees!) compared to Iceland.

Faxi Waterfall

 Books Read (finished my Goodreads Goal!)

  • And Every Morning The Road Gets Longer and Longer 5/5 stars
  • Kingdom of Ash 5/5 stars
  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz 5/5 stars
  • Assassin’s Blade 3/5 stars

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