2018 in Review: Travel

It’s December 16th while I compose this post. I’m listening to football while my homemade truffles are hardening. It’s been a miraculous year, we’ve had our ups and downs but our ups were definitely all the traveling I/we did. What’s even more amazing is all of the different ways I traveled this year. It’s something I’m so thankful for. I experienced places I had never been to in the United States and Overseas.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. was both my mother and mine first time visiting and it was absolutely amazing. We were only there for 36 hours but it was so worth it. We have already considered going back to see all the museums we missed in our short time there. While we went the end of March, I would suggest going when it’s a little warmer. But if you’re looking for less crowds but decent weather, March would be best. We went the weekend before Cherry Blossom season and since it was late in the month, there wasn’t any snow. When you’re there, make sure you see the Air and Space Museum, Arlington National Ceremony and do a night tour of the monuments.

Travel Partner: My Mother


Philadelphia was really a spur of the moment type trip. But what was so amazing about it was that I attended my first blog conference where I learned so much more about myself as a blogger and what I was truly passionate about in life. While I didn’t see a lot of Philly, I fell in love with the history there regardless.

Travel Partner: Long Time Friend


I can’t even describe England to you. I am still in shock that we made it there, and while I know that might sound crazy, it’s the truth. Everything about Cornwall and London took my breath away, I truly have no words for it. While Cornwall isn’t as well known as other areas of England, it’s so worth it. I’m already dreaming about us going back there, everything about it was breathtaking. Then you have London where the history is so rich, it’s hard not truly comprehend what it has to offer. *Squeal* I’m heading back to London in 2019 and I can not wait.

Travel Partner: Boyfriend


It’s not necessarily that I didn’t enjoy Iceland, it just wasn’t my favorite place I visited this year. The country is so different from any other place I’ve been to before — the landscape is unbelievable, and I was able to feel like a Wildling for a second which made it pretty damn awesome but it’s the driving to place after place (as the driver 95% of the time) that took a lot out of me.
Travel Partners: Friend, Mom, Aunt

Wow that’s a lot, for a girl who had only been out of the country once and who is afraid of flying, I sure got to experience a lot in 2018. I wrote my travel partners at the bottom of each trip because I think it’s important to showcase that you have all the options in the world for travel. You don’t have to always go with the same person and I honestly recommend that you don’t, it’s a different experience and you also need to cherish that time you can have with all your loved ones.

You also don’t have to travel long distances to experience something new either — we did a lot of fun weekends close by, whether it was trying new restaurants and truly exploring what this area has to offer, you can feel like you’re traveling without going 2 hours from your house!

If anything, I hope my traveling has inspired others, I’ve had friends tell me that they follow my photos and my trips and are thinking of doing one themselves and that makes me so happy. If I can help get one person to travel somewhere new (hey! I’ll even help plan it and keep them on a budget) then the travel side of this blog has really made a difference.

So far, 2019 is pretty quiet. I only have one big trip planned so far with my girlfriends to Ireland & London in April — ps they’ve never been to Europe so I must be doing something right! My boyfriend and I are still trying to decide what we might do for a trip next year, it might be big, it might be small (we have a lot planned in 2020)! But even if we stay close to home, I’m excited to experience places within the Adirondacks that we haven’t been able to see since we moved here so regardless it will be an adventure!

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