2019 Resolutions & Upcoming

I can’t believe 2019 is already here. I normally don’t do resolutions, or if I do they aren’t too specific however last year I noticed a trend that I’d like to break — being on social media so much. There’s a lot to this, I mean I love social media, especially instagram but I don’t want that to define me in any way so I’m planning to cut back.

I also love blogging but sometimes I feel like I’m not really providing you guys with top notch stuff, so here’s my 2019 Resolutions:

  • Blog Less it’s not that I don’t love blogging or you guys but I want to make sure that the content I’m putting on here is worth it. I also don’t want to feel like this blog is a job, because, remember, it’s not me 
  • Read More: on top of that, my reading really fell behind in 2018, I mean, it was good, but it wasn’t great and I want to make sure I keep that up. I have a ton of books. I’ve finally figured out a system: I’m literally going to start my top shelf and read anything new. We will see how this goes. 
  • Be on Social Media Less: like I said, I love social media but I also love my life and I want to post content there when I feel in the mood rather than because I feel like I need to. So expect less posts but more important content to my life. 
  • Workout more consistently: this fell really far behind, mostly because I was still getting used to working and commuting different hours. I feel better now and we have our own gym so things are looking up! 
  • Experience More in my Hometown: we didn’t do a lot of this last year and I really want my boyfriend and I to share some new experiences locally. I think we could really expand our horizons here
  • See friends more: yeah, we’ve been pretty terrible with this, life has gotten in the way but they’re important so we need to make time for it. 
  • Travel just as much as last year! nothing to say here! 
  • Be conscientious of what I’m spending and pay off a student loan: I’m pretty good with my finances but I want to get better and I can’t wait to walk you through what I do!

2019 is going to be all about experiences, new ones and old. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year. Do you have any resolutions for 2019? Comment below!

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