My Favorite Apps/Websites to Save on Travel

I realized a lot of my travel posts have been around saving for a trip or what we did when planning to save on our expenses. But now that I’m traveling more often, I’m always looking for deals and I thought it was about time that I tell you about the different ways in which I save on travel.


First up, SkyScanner, what an awesome App, it let’s you choose where you want to go and you can set alerts that will email you when there is a deal on your search engine. There is also an App that is really fun when you’re bored and want to see what’s out there. I also learned from AnyOdyssey that the SkyScanner Website actually has a way for you to search an airport then EVERYWHERE and cheapest month, it’s the best way to just find a travel plan that’s cheap especially if you don’t know where you want to go.

Washington DC


Airbnb is almost always cheaper than renting a hotel room, especially in Europe. I mean, when we went to England, our Airbnb was roughly ~320 US Dollars for 4 nights. That’s unheard of in the U.S., our Airbnb in Iceland was even cheaper for 5 nights (though to be fair, I traveled with 2 more people than England). It’s really remarkable with how much you can save just by renting a house or apartment and in the long run you will even save some money by being able to eat “at home” a few times when you’re traveling.

Kerid Crater


Kayak is another favorite of mine for cheap flights and hotels, it’s like skyscanner. But I love having more than one search app so that I can make sure the deals make sense everywhere. It’s worked out really well and is so intuitive when it comes to searching. I like Kayak just as much as SkyScanner maybe even more so.

Costa Rica

These are my top travel apps and websites to save money when traveling. The only other app that you could also use is Hopper, while I don’t like that one as well, I do like that it tells you if you should book now or if it believes you could save more money later. The reason why I like this is because I don’t always know what’s considered a great price, so, instead I use Hopped to just reiterate that it’s a good time to buy tickets.

The only other advice I can give you is looking around at airports. For example, I only used to search at two airports not realizing that there was another only 2 hours south that have reasonably cheap tickets to Europe and some that are direct flights. Why is this important, because it gives me more options when looking for the best deal. To put into perspective, we were recently able to find roundtrip non-stop flights to Dublin for $318, while some might be able to find that cheaper, we had a very specific time when we wanted to go so we were really pleased with the results/

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Apps/Websites to Save on Travel

  1. Follow My Anchor says:

    These are great websites! I always use Skyscanner and Airbnb but I didn’t know about Kayak, so thank you! I will add this new tool for my next researches! I totally agree with you when you say it’s very important to check other airports around the destination you want to travel to. Especially in Europe there are so many low cost companies that fly to secondary airports and they are so much cheaper!

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  2. Nicole Anderson says:

    The more I travel, the more I realise how the costs of doing so really add up. Although I have heard of Airbnb, I haven’t used it as yet. I love the idea of more of an apartment style stay but my fiance just needs a bit of convincing that it’s ok. Now is the perfect time for us to take the plunge and give it a go as we will travelling and staying most of the time in Western Europe and Scandinavia for just over 6 weeks when we holiday later this year. Therefore I think using Airbnb would not only be smart in terms of savings but also more personal when we will be away from home for so long. Skyscanner and Kayak are also great examples of where savings can surely be found – and let’s face it – the more we save on our travel budget – the more we can travel even more!

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    • The Perfect Honeybee says:

      I love saving on travel, my trip to iceland was under $1100 for everything and I was really excited about that. Be sure with airbnb that you know the country’s laws, for example I was going to do it in dublin but found out it might be becoming illegal (learned of this after I drafted this post — I better add it). But I do like airbnb because with a kitchen it brings down the cost of eating out too!

      Liked by 1 person

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