A Day at Riverside Maple Farms

One of my resolutions of 2019 was to explore more of Upstate New York. I’ll be honest, I thought I wouldn’t be able to start this resolution until the weather was better but I was very wrong.

I was lucky enough to experience Riverside Maple Farms the end of January, here I was able to see how Maple Syrup was made as well as taste testing and recipes with maple syrup to take home with me. Located 20 minutes west of Albany, Riverside is the perfect country store to stop in on (you can always head to Wolf Hollow Brewery right down the road afterwards too!)

Even though I know how the maple syrup process works because of my boyfriend’s Vermont roots it’s still a lot of fun to go to other places and listen to how everything is made and the difference between how to collect sap in the past compared to the present. In fact the picture above is how it used to be done while now it’s based normally on lines of tubes from the trees that connect to the “Sugar House”. It’s really interesting to see the different ways this can be accomplished and what really made the tour was my guide, an older man that had a lot of enthusiasm and love for creating maple syrup.

Some fun facts:

  • It takes roughly 40 gallons of sap to make maple syrup
  • There is generally 4 different types of Grade A Maple Syrup
  • If someone asks if you want Sugar on Snow — try it!
  • The weather truly has an effect on how syrup will taste
  • Boiling and making syrup is a tedious process — so the cost of syrup is totally worth it!

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