How I’m Traveling to Ireland for Under $800

My first trip of 2019 will be happening in April and I cannot wait to tell you all about it and all the things I ended up doing. But what makes it even more exciting is that it’s the first time two of my friends will be heading to Europe! While I’m new to the “Europe Scene” I’m really excited that I get to take two of my friends there.

So why Ireland?

Well, you all know how much I love the United Kingdom but the reason why we picked Ireland was because it was cheap. Yes, you heard me right, it was cheap. I didn’t think it would be but we were originally planning a trip to Southern US and realized it was going to cost us the same amount of money to fly there compared to flying to Ireland. You might remember my recent post on my Favorite Apps and Websites for cheaper travel from a few weeks ago, this is exactly what we used to find out flights:

Total Cost of Flight: $338 Roundtrip, Non-stop flight, including checked baggage

We then started to look for places to stay, originally we were going to stay with Airbnb but we ran into some issues — okay, a lot of issues, the big one being that Dublin might make it illegal. So we settled for a hotel where we had some points that were within walking distance of attractions so we won’t have to always take public transportation.

Hotel for 5 nights: $279 a person ($55 a night per person)

I have to admit, we were pretty pumped with this cost, I mean, $617 dollars for lodging and flight to Ireland for 6 days? We were really pleased. Of course we will also need some transportation around the city of Dublin so we’re thinking of getting the Leap Visitor Card for the days we won’t be able to walk around Dublin, which will include transportation to and from our hotel.

Total Cost for Leap Visitor Card: $33 for 4 days

The Attractions

But now that we have the trip planned, we needed to come up with what we were going to do there and to keep it “cheap” to the best of our abilities. I remember going to London and feeling like we needed at least 3 days there so we’re planning to do the same in Dublin but we also wanted to see some attractions outside the city so we found Viator and booked a trip (Giant’s Causeway & Dark Hedges) and to keep some attraction costs down in Dublin, we got the Dublin Pass for two days.

Total Cost for Viator Trip & Dublin Pass: $138 per person (covers 3 days)

We’ve also looked at other attractions within Dublin that are free like Museums and our own walking tours. One of my favorite days walking around London was the day we just strolled around the parks and museums and took the Tube places. We’re planning to use our last two days in Dublin to really see the city like I saw London, not as a tourist but as a local.

Total Cost (Not Including Food and Souvenirs): $790

That’s it! Dublin for under $800 including Flight, Lodging and Attractions! I can’t wait to see how much we spend total once we get back, obviously we have to take into consideration food which I normally figure out based on a budget to begin with — usually that budget includes, eating breakfast and lunch “at home” and only going out for dinners. It’s easy to keep a budget with that too, bring cash and think of a budget each day you want to spend on food and try to stick to it. It’s not as difficult as you think it’s going to be either. I usually try to stay around the $40 range for dinners.

Have any tips on where to go in Dublin? What’s the one thing I should make sure we do while we are there?

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