How Meal Prepping is Saving my work week

Hi everyone! Get ready! I am starting new blog posts two times a month for you guys not related to travel or book reviews! This is to help you guys think creatively on meal prepping in your own life!

Why might I be doing this?!

Right now, both my schedule and my boyfriends schedule during the week is just too crazy to keep up with. Seriously, I was I was joking but I’m not. So we have been meal prepping a lot lately and I’ve been showcasing those meals/prep work on my Instagram story.

And guess what?! I’ve gotten some really great feedback about how you want to be a part of this new “adulting” as I like to call it!

So what’s changing

Every Sunday I am going to have a post/chart of a meal prep from the week before — from breakfast throuugh dinner that you guys can try to mimic. Since our schedules are so hectic you will notice that we come up with a pretty good list of ways to have left overs as well.

You will also get the recipes for the meal preps. Keep in mind, a lot of these recipes are from offline so for the most part it will just be links to other sites

If all goes well, I might even consider sharing our favorite recipes with you all via Google docs, stay tuned!

I know, this doesn’t always work out perfectly in life (we are already behind by one day this week) but I’ve noticed the more you try, the better the chance to stick to it!

I’m really excited to have this for you! We’ve had a tough time of it recently, working 12hr shifts each day and this has been a life savior.

Look for the first meal prep, this Sunday!

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