It’s been awhile

Hi Everyone! It’s been awhile and I’m so sorry about that. You might have seen my post in the middle of March about taking a break. I just really had to. I had a lot going on these past couple of months and I honestly felt like I couldn’t keep up with my life in general nevermind with this blog.

Normally I’m not that busy in winter and it’s when I get most of my blogging done but instead it was the total opposite this year. Everything seems to be off a bit and I honestly cannot believe how difficult it’s been.

For starters, I sort of started a new job, it’s really exciting and I love it but it takes up a lot of my time. on top of that, I leave for work around 6:30am and I’ve been getting home around 6:30pm, that’s a big change for me and it’s honestly made it difficult for me to read, blog or really do anything else. I’ve been tired, I’ve been stressed and I haven’t been motivated. The only positive is that I’ve stuck to one of my goals in 2019 and I’ve been on social media less.

But last month it started to be light out longer and I’m hoping that will really help me get back to my A-game. I’ve also started to think about how I can make this blog feel less like a job and more like a fun hobby — so look for posts sporadically and when I feel like I’m in the mood. I honestly think that will help me keep it going.

April is going to be a fun month and I hope it helps me get a little more motivated; I have a trip to Ireland planned, a weekend away in Vermont and my birthday, lots to keep me busy. I can’t wait to tell you all about the meal plans we’ve been setting up, the books I’ve been reading, my two trips in April as well as my finances in review for the first quarter of 2019. Trust me, I have a lot of ideas, it’s just finding the time to write them all down!.

I’ve missed you guys and my blog, I’m super excited to start it back up again.

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