The Essential Items When Traveling Overseas

I started packing for Ireland about a week and a half before we left, I know, crazy. I started to get excited so I just couldn’t help myself. It made me think about all the things I need to pack that might be different than if I was packing for a trip in the States (and some things maybe not). Here’s a list of the Essential Items you need when you’re going Overseas.

The Perfect Camera

Everyone needs a camera for travel, when I say a perfect camera I mean whatever camera you feel the most comfortable with. That can be a point and shoot, a cell phone or a DSLR. I have a Canon Rebel T6 and I love it.

You can buy a Canon Rebel here

Water Bottle

I used to hate water but I’ve finally become a fan and realized how important water is while you’re traveling. It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially when you’re on the go all the time. I’ve started bringing a water bottle with me to help with dehydration plus water is free! Why not bring a water bottle so you have free water your whole trip?


This is a given, make sure you have your passport with you and a case for it. I’ve noticed having a case helps to keep me from misplacing it. Depending on where you’re going, make sure you have all the right documents (visa if needed etc).

International Phone Plan

I never go overseas without an International Phone Plan. Verizon has an awesome plan, $10 a day when you actually use your phone and you get everything your plan has — data, talk/text. To me, this is the best deal Verizon has, I’ve tried other plans through them (like the $XX for a week and it’s not worth it). This is also perfect for google maps because honestly I’ve rented GPS’ before and they aren’t worth it compared to my google maps on my phone when traveling overseas. Both times our maps on our phone have been more reliable in Iceland and England.


I always bring some cash with me, you never know when you’re credit card won’t work. Plus it helps to keep you on a budget.


I never travel without an itinerary, I need a plan and I like to have that plan documented, whether it’s on my phone or printed out. Don’t forget all the other documents you would need, like your hotel reservations, pre-paid tickets, reservations for a car (if you’re renting a car) and your plane documents. It’s always best to have proof for everything when you’re traveling.

Lightweight Backpack

I love having my lightweight backpack from Eddie Bauer. It’s perfect for packing my water bottle and lunches and it takes up absolutely no room in my luggage. Look for one that rolls up so you don’t have to worry about packing it.

International Phone Charger

This is one that I almost completely forgot on my first trip to Europe but it’s probably one of the most important. We bought an awesome charger that has multiple sockets so you can charge more than one thing at a time. We bought it through Amazon and have yet to have any trouble with it. It’s definitely had its use money-wise and while it takes up some room its so much better than having to rent all the time.

Kindle or Tablet

As a reader, I normally find time to read at least on the plane or at night when I’m relaxing. But books are too heavy and cumbersome to take on long travels so I try to have a few books on my Kindle for trips like these. But there’s another reason for a Kindle or Tablet — we used our tablet (actually a laptop) to figure out where we were going the next day of our trip with google maps. It was so beneficial to be able to have a way to map out our plans for the following day.

That’s my top essentials for traveling overseas, I have come to realize how important each of these items are in their own way and am not sure how I would have survived some of my recent travels without them.

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