Racing City Brewery Review

In March the boy and I finally started our local experiences of 2019. It started with The Capital Craft Beverage Passport. If you live in the Capital Region/Upstate New York it’s such a fun thing to do on the weekends. There are over 55 wineries, cideries and breweries that you can try to see in the year. You get stamps just like a passport where you can get prizes! I love prizes but I honestly thought to do this because it seemed so fun.

It’s been so fun so far! We’ve been to a lot of different places already and I’m sure I’ll do a review of more (maybe at the end of the year even do a top 10!) One that we’ve gone to Racing City Brewery Co. located between downtown Saratoga (about 5mins) and Wilton New York. It’s literally right off of exit 15 and we had no idea it was even there until we got this passport.

How super cute is that quote? The boy found it a little “roll your eyes” but I thought it was darling. Part of the reason why I loved the area was that it felt so Saratoga and had an awesome vibe. They also had tastings of both beer and wine which I really loved and lots of prints of horse themes, just like the way you would order your tasting.

I found this so clever!

Not only did they have this really cool setting but there’s a bunch of different ways to relax there including a nice section of couches. You can also buy food there, they have a pretty nice menu so it’s not just a place to go for drinking. It was really exciting to find this place sort off the map, the beer and wine were extensive, there were a lot of options and while we didn’t like everything we tasted we did like enough to know we’ll be coming back, especially when we have friends visiting.

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