Afternoon Tea at the Westin

My first post all about Ireland and I decided to start it off talking about Afternoon Tea within the Atrium Lounge of the Westin Hotel in the heart of Dublin. We were lucky enough to fit this in on our last full day in the city. I love afternoon tea, I was lucky enough to have Afternoon Tea when we went to London so I knew what to expect but my friends hadn’t been lucky enough to experience it before so we had to go.

All the Details

As previously mentioned, The Westin is located in the heart of the city near the Book of Kells, so if you’re looking to go to The Book of Kells within Trinity College or taste whiskey at the Irish Whiskey Museum, this is the Afternoon Tea venue for you being so close to these other attractions.

The cost for Afternoon Tea was 45 Euro, which honestly was a little pricier than other places for Afternoon Tea but trust me it was worth it. To start, Afternoon Tea is literally an all you can eat, the staff will continue to ask you while you’re eating whether or not you want more tea or more of anything. I’ll be honest too, I have had Afternoon Tea twice in Europe and neither time could I even finish the food that I was given during the first round. I think that reiterates that you get a lot for your money.

However it wasn’t just the tea and food that was perfect, which they were, trust me, the food was delicious. We didn’t have a single thing that we didn’t like. But it was the staff and atmosphere which really made this such a fantastic place to be. We felt at home while also feeling like we were somewhere special.

Our waiter was absolutely fantastic, he catered to our needs, he was friendly and he even gave us a little history of Dublin and the changes the city has seen in the past couple of years. He wasn’t just a waiter who asked us if we needed anything else, he was a waiter who was interested in our “holiday”, gave us recommendations, continued conversations about places where we’ve been and places we were going to keep us entertained. Between that and the food, the whole experience was well worth it, so worth it, we tipped him double!

If you’re in Dublin, this is the place to go. It was honestly our favorite “food” experience of the entire trip.

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