What To Do In Dublin In 3 Days

Dublin has to be one of the most walk-a-ble cities I have ever been to. With that, it means you can see a lot in 3 days, which is perfect if you want to just get away for a weekend.

A lot of flights from the east coast are overnights so you’ll arrive in Dublin fairly early to be able to start your day off exploring. There are also a bunch of places that will hold your luggage including most hotels and even the Visitors Center. Below is the ultimate 3-day itinerary made based on our Hotel Stay at Maldron Hotel.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

A flight to Dublin from the east coast is roughly a 6 hour flight, so it’s the perfect 4 day weekend away destination.

Dublin Day 1

Please note, we used the Dublin Pass for our first two days in Dublin, this included entrance into St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, hop on hop off tour bus, Guinness, Jameson and the Dublin Zoo.

Walk through St Stephen’s park, it’s gorgeous! Plus if you’re going in the Spring and live in the East Coast you will just be glad to see that there are flowers and it’s green. We went in April so it was a lovely treat. After which, we went to Two Pups for a scone and tea, because we’re in Dublin everyone, this has to happen!

Two Pups

Next up was probably my favorite place that we visited, or, at least one of them and that was St Patrick’s Cathedral. I love Cathedrals, I love the architecture, I love the history and it’s somewhere I always make sure I visit whenever I’m out of the country.

After St Patrick’s Cathedral, we walked to Dublin Castle which was without a doubt a Castle at some point, there’s also a lot of other things to do there like the Chester Beatty Library so walking that way has a lot of opportunity to see different things. Dublin Castle shows you how royalty used to and still lives. We accidentally got added into a tour (I swear we didn’t do it on purpose) and was able to hear some really interesting facts about the Castle, like the fact that my loves Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had visited there and that the castle is still used for high end functions which isn’t surprising when you walk into the hall and hallway below.

Last but not certainly not least on your first day in Dublin, travel to Christ Church Cathedral (and if you have time, Dublinia, also part of the Dublin Pass) and take in another gorgeous Cathedral. The Cathedral has crypts that you can walk down into and it will seriously transform you into a different time. It was when we were walking through the Crypts that my friend mention how young our country is when you experience a place like this and how much history is stored within Europe.

Christ Church Cathedral

Day 2

Start Day 2 off with the Hop on and Hop Off Tour Bus, recommended for when you have a full day to explore. Since we were staying at Maldron Hotel on Kevin Street, we grabbed the hop on hop off bus at St Patrick’s Cathedral’s stop. The Hop on and Hop Off bus is the best, I do it for at least one day no matter where I travel to. it gives you a whole new perspective of the city as well as a little history tour by the guides as you travel around. Below is our hop on hop off bus tour for the day.

Our first stop was Guinness Storehouse, a brewery like nothing of what the United States has. This Brewery was seriously out of this world, you were able to walk around the whole place yourself and have your own tour, while getting samples and a pint of Guinness with your ticket. It was huge, it was fun and it was very very crowded. We were here for easily over an hour.

Next up was The Dublin Zoo, my friend really wanted to go here, I could have lived without it but still it was fun and would be a great place to take children. The park itself is huge and did you know, that you can see a monument of Wellington in Phoenix Park? I found that really cool, I also had no idea that Wellington was Irish and not English until that day.

The last place we went for the day was Jameson Distillery which was probably my favorite place of the day. You get a tour which was probably my favorite tour of alcohol ever, as well as a tasting and a glass of whiskey with your ticket purchase. It was also super clean and had a really nice bar within the distillery, you could definitely just go there for a drink and not do the tour and still have a lot of fun.

Last but not least for the day was the Brazen Head Pub where we went for story telling with a 3 course meal. The food wasn’t that great, I’ll admit it, but the story telling was really interesting. Before each course we learned something new about Ireland, whether it was the history of Ireland, the folklore/story telling and fairies or live Irish music, this was educational and fun at the same time.

Day 3

Your last day in Dublin should be one to explore by walking around the city as well as choosing some specific activities. We had two activities that we wanted to do during our last day in Dublin, Afternoon Tea (45 euros) and The Books of Kells at Trinity College (11 euros).

Can I just say that the Book of Kells and the Long Room of Trinity College was without a doubt a booklovers dream? Over 200,000 books are stored there, so old you could smell it when you walked in the room. I loved every second in there and might have said I might just live there (I don’t think they would allow that though). Afternoon Tea was also perfect, you can read more about my review of the Westin here.

I loved having a day to walk around and just pick and choose what we wanted to do as well as take pictures of little churches and the doors! My goodness the doors in Dublin were perfect. With such a walk-a-ble city, you’re able to do see a lot on your last day even with Afternoon Tea and Trinity College on the agenda.

Dublin was so much fun and so different from London which was something pretty remarkable, I expected the city to feel very like London but it didn’t. While that was different there were also similarities like how lovely all the people were, how old some of the structures looked and how amazing the tea was! I hope this 3 day itinerary will help you choose your days spent in Dublin!

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