A Day Trip to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland stole my heart. I can’t even describe to you how much I enjoyed my day in Northern Ireland other than showing you the gorgeous photos I have.

How to get there from Dublin

You have a few options. You could rent a car or you could take a day tour. We decided to take a day tour from Grayline. In fact, we took this one and it was absolutely perfect.

While the day tour was long (roughly 11 hours) it was totally worth it. Our guide was fantastic and gave us so much information on the history of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (which is still part of the UK) and how that history and conflict is still occurring today.

The Tour

The tour brought us to 4 different places, 5 if you include lunch. Here’s a run down of what you get on the tour and what I loved about each.

Our first stop was a photo stop of XXX castle. The castle of house greyjoy gor all you game of thrones fans! This was just a photo stop so you will be there for only about 5-10mins. You will not be able to walk through the castle.

Next up was lunch at the Giants Causeway Cafe and then it was off to Giants Causeway which had gorgeous cliffs reminding me of Cornwall last year. As you walk around the cliffs you get to head to the causeway, where the rock formations is something out of a dream. We were here for a little over an hr.

After which we headed to Carrick de Rope bridge! You get quite a bit of time here mainly because the line to cross the bridge is pretty long.

How cool is this? You can also see Scotland when you’re at the bridge which was pretty remarkable. While I knew the countries were close, I didn’t realize they were that close. Here’s a picture below of me crossing the bridge as proof that even though I’m afraid of heights, I’ll try just about anything when I’m travelling.

Last but not least was a quick 10min stop at Dark Hedges. And HELLO ROAD OUT AND INTO KINGS LANDING! Game of Thrones fans will love this. My friends didn’t really understand why we were at a bunch of trees but I honestly (and we admit) couldn’t wait to take a picture for my Instagram account for the season 8 premiere night.

On the way back we stopped briefly at a rest area where you could get food if you needed for dinner and then it was back in Dublin by 8pm!

Northern Ireland might have been my favorite day of our trip. It was gorgeous and reminded me so much of Cornwall that I couldn’t help but love it. It also made you really feel like you were in a different country.

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