Book Box Review: Frost & Fairytales

This will probably be my only Book Box Review or buy of the year because I’m really trying not to buy any of these. But I honestly had no choice because The Melting Library was doing a theme of Frost and Fairytales all about the book series The WinterNight Trilogy by Katherine Arden which is one of my favorite book series ever.

This box took forever to arrive. Seriously. It was supposed to be shipping out in March but I didn’t end up getting it until the middle of April. I don’t know if that’s normal with The Melting Library or not it was a little annoying but I’ll be honest it was worth the wait. I was so impressed with all the goodies and the candles smell amazing.

Here’s What Was in The Box:

  • Morozko’s Magic Candle (AMAZING)
  • Oats of Solovey Candle (so happy they made one for Solovey)
  • Vasya, The Brave Candle (Also smells amazing)
  • Exclusive Pin
  • Exclusive Vasya & Solovey Print (cannot wait to add this to my bookshelf)
  • Exclusive Winternight Inspired Woodmark (already using it and the quote is amazing).
  • Snowmaiden Perfume Oil (yup, wearing this everyday)
  • The Bannik Goats Milk Soap (cannot wait to add this to our guest bathroom)

Seriously, I was so impressed with this box and the candles are so amazing, I might actually buy more individually once we’re done with the three we got in this box. I haven’t received a box like this before that has more candles than anything else but I’ll be honest, I liked this so much better because we use candles all the time so it’s lovely to have some book themed candles. You also received larger

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