5 Day Itinerary When You’re Staying in Dublin

One of the lovely things about Dublin is that there’s a lot to see in the City as well as lot of really amazing places to see around it. In fact, I wasn’t even able to see everything I would have liked to in 5 days but here’s an Itinerary to let you feel like you got to experience this amazing city and country.

Day 1 and 2

The first two days should be all about experiencing the city by going to all the main touristy things to do. There’s so much to see that I recommend a hop on and hop off bus, something that I loved about Dublin compared to say London was that there didn’t seem to be a lot of traffic so the hop on and hop off bus got you to a lot of places rather quickly.

Day 3: Northern Ireland Day Trip

Make sure you find time to head to Northern Ireland for a day. It was without a doubt my favorite thing we did while we were in Ireland. There was something so magical about the area, maybe it was the farm land, the gorgeous weather or the nature that we saw but I would tell everyone to do a tour up there if they can. I would actually recommend it over the Cliffs of Mohr if you’re staying in Dublin. We saw a lot of day trip tours but comparing it to the Cliffs of Mohr we chose Northern Ireland because we were told we would stop at more places.

Day 4 Howth Day Trip

Day 4 we took a day trip to Howth where you can do some cliff walking if you feel like it or walk around the Pier and have fresh seafood. Howth isn’t far from Dublin, a quick train ride to the little fishing town will have you amazed that it’s so close to the city of Dublin. Make sure you get some fish and see some of the lovely buildings and colorful doors!

Day 5 Last Day

Your last day in Ireland should be walking around the city with less touristy attractions but just walking around like you know the city. That’s what we did, it was a relaxing last day in Dublin.

Of course we did some touristy things but we tried to have it be a low key day with Afternoon Tea and the Book of Kells (with some shopping). I would recommend using your last day in Ireland/Dublin doing the things you didn’t get to do the first two days and figuring it out literally as you walk around, you have no idea how amazing that feeling will be.

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