It’s been awhile & Updates

Summer is finally here, I honestly cannot believe that 2019 is halfway over. I honestly do not know how it happened. If anything, I feel like my life is spinning out of control half the time.

So here’s the deal, my personal life has gotten really busy and it’s taken me away from blogging. Blogging has always been a hobby of mine to help me through the bad days. It’s not that I don’t love blogging but it was and never will be my sole project. Anyway, while my personal life has gotten busy, blogging has gone on the back burner.

So what can you expect going forward? Less blog posts but more meaningful ones (I hope). I’m going to write to you when a trip was really fantastic or when a book was one I couldn’t put down. Not a post just because I finished story, it’s not fair to you if my review is lackluster because I either felt the book was lackluster and wasn’t really caring about my own writing.

That means look for some really awesome book posts and upcoming adventures — here’s looking at you Maine, Quebec and Saratoga. Look for some things related to finances and our house too. As I change so will my blog.

Thanks for always reading and going on this adventure with me!

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