Owning a house year 1

It’s the July which has me reminiscing about this last year of homeownership. I can’t believe it’s been a year, it seems like only yesterday I was saving money for one and we were just about to start looking.

It feels great having a house, I feel like such an adult with this responsibility that some people aren’t lucky enough to have at the age of 30. This year has been all about making our house feel like a home.

You might be wondering what that means. Its simple, when we first moved into the house it was late July so landscaping was going to have to go on the back burner until the following year. We basically decided to put all outdoor stuff on the back burner too (except for removing some bushes) until we had a full summer to get everything organized.

Now we have plants grown and outdoor seating, including a fire pit that I am honestly in love with.

We found ourselves always having little projects — people weren’t kidding when they said that! Whether its putting pictures on the walls or finding new ways to organize the house, we haven’t waited a minute. There is something little happening every week.

I have to admit, as lovely as flowers are, they are also a pain to take care of. I was hoping we could have a garden one day but I honestly don’t think I have the patience or the time to take care of them every day. One set of our flowers have already died! I don’t really have a green thumb so its going to take some time for me to be ready to have a full garden with vegetables

We’ve also been working on the inside of the house too. We were lucky, we didn’t have to do any real cosmetics or home improvement other than painting and wall. It’s so cool to be able to hang pictures and have a place for my books, now it’s about getting the right furniture which will come with time.

The other downfall is that I’m not very great at interior design. I don’t really have the eye for it but I feel like it’s getting better plus I’m a fan of what my boyfriend and I like so I’m sure we will get it all down some day!

We have so many projects and owning a house is a huge task on it’s own but its so worth it to come home to something that I own. I can’t wait to see what other projects we come up with in the next year.

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