2019 Q2 Budget Report

Well, 2019Q2 Quarter has been completed and I have a sad report, I wasn’t even close to my quarterly budget this time around and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look like Q3 is going to be any better.

If you don’t remember from my 2019Q1 Expense Report, I have a grid I use each quarter to see how I’m doing for all my non-essential items. If you’re interested in something like this, send me an email at theperfecthoneybee12@gmail.com

Well, after review, I’ve updated my non-essential list for a very important reason. I had house stuff – essentials, health/wellness, cell phone all as non-essentials. Here’s why I’ve switched them to essentials.

House Stuff – essentials: how can I not consider things like heat that we need for the house as an essential? I’m not entirely sure I thought it should be considered a non-essential when I have a category for non-essential house stuff already.

Health & Wellness- if I’m not feeling that great, I’m not going to not get medicine or help myself because of a budget. Instead when I get non-essential things (like my nails done) I’m moving that into Misc category

Cell Phone – this one is tricky because while I need a phone for everyday use, I probably didn’t need a new cell phone. For now though I’m keeping it as an essential.

Making these changes (specifically the ones for house essentials) kept me around my budget for thr quarter.

Heres some of my accomplishments:

  • I paid over over 2x what I was supposed to toward my student loans with my goal to pay off all of them by the end of the year.
  • I spent under my allotted amount on the following categories:
    • Bookish Box Things
    • Travel
    • Entertainment
    • Gifts

Areas that could use Improvement

  • Coffee shops, I spent more on Coffee Shops this quarter because it’s been so hot and I’ve wanted iced coffees, but I really need to be better at this
  • Also on the list — eating out, I’ve gone out to lunch wayy too much with coworkers and honestly not good for my budget, my health or the food we’ve bought at home. I’m hoping to cut back on this and only eat out when we’re traveling or for special occasions.
  • Clothes — what was I thinking? I really don’t need anymore clothes but I bought so much! I really need to start paying more attention to the amount of dresses I buy.

I’m really bummed with my budgeting last quarter. While I was only over by 2%, it was on things that are a real disappointment. July – September already looks bad. I’ll be re-evaluating my finances and really budgeting better.

Goals for Next Quarter

I’m going to start using cash and putting them into envelopes for the month to keep me on track. July is already done, there’s nothing I can do about that but I’m going to do it for August & September and hopefully see a difference.

I’m also going to try to put more money into my student loans in the hopes that I can pay them off by the end of the year. If not both, at least one of them. But really you guys, I want to be student loan debt free by the end of the year so fingers crossed! .

Have you looked at your quarterly expenses? How did you do? Are you sticking to your budget? Comment below!

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