Book Review: Small Spaces

Author: Katherine Arden

Goodreads Synopsis: “When eleven-year-old Ollie lost her mother in a plane crash, she sought solace in her books. So when she stumbles upon a distraught woman standing on the banks of the river intent on throwing a book into the water, Ollie stops her, steals the book and rides away on her bike. Upon reading, Ollie discovers a chilling ghost story about a girl, Elizabeth Morrison, who is being chased through cornfields filled with scarecrows by two brothers with deadly intent. When she finds the graves of Elizabeth Morrison and her tormentors, Jonathan and Caleb, on a farm during a school trip, on a day already full of odd occurrences, Ollie starts to think this book is more than just a book. On the ride home, the school bus breaks down along the side of the road and none of the kids or their teacher can get service on their cell phones to call for help. And then Ollie’s digital wristwatch starts a mysterious countdown, with the word RUN spelled out on the face. She and two unlikely new friends are the only ones to heed its warning. As night begins to fall, they head out into the woods, bracketed by fearsome scarecrows. The bus driver gives them a word of advice. In order to survive whatever is coming, they’ll need to keep to small spaces.”

Review: My boyfriends mom suggested I read this one and I am so happy she did. I mean, I would get around to this at some point, it is but Katherine Arden who I love but this was so much better than I could have expected. Katherine Arden really did it again with this one. Completely different from The Winternight Trilogy or Vasya, this story is perfect for Halloween.

Even bad things can lead to good. Maybe in sad times, it helps to think of that.”

Katherine Arden

All I can say is how fun this story was. I couldn’t put it down and it helped me get out of a little reading slump I had. It’s about making new friends, believing in yourself and facing your fears. Ollie, the main character shows all the strength in the world in this story, while also dealing with her grief.

Wherever you go in this big, gorgeous, hideous world, there is a ghost story waiting for you.

Katherine Arden

It’s everything a young adult/child book should be about. But it’s also spooky, I expected it to be spooky but this was the perfect amount. I can’t wait for the next one, Dead Voices to come out!

Overall Rating: 5/5/ stars

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