Why Saratoga is the perfect place to live for day trips and long weekends

As you all know, I love adventures. I mean half my blog is about my travels or other random adventures that we go on. A lot of the reason why I can do that is because of where I live. I truly believe I have the best of all worlds in the Northeast.

I’m not talking about the weather either (even if I do love it). No, I’m talking about the location. Here’s just some places you can get to from Saratoga.

Adirondack State Park

It’s literally in our backyard. Driving into lake george, you are less than 40mind away from the first Adirondack Mountain to hike. Want to keep going? Lake Placid is roughly an hr and a half away.


You can get to some parts of Vermont in less than an hour with the further regions like the Northeast Kingdom taking 4 hours. Looking for that fall foliage in Vermont was never easier!


Heading to Boston or Cape Cod is easy from Saratoga. Taking the highway you can be in Boston in 3 and a half hours while depending on where on the Cape could take to 4 – 5 hours, it gives you the advantage of weekend aways. It also makes for an easy transit across the Atlantic to Europe.


Maine is another great place to go to for a long weekend and getaway. With cliffs of ocean and breweries, this trip from Saratoga will take you anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

The Fingerlakes and Watkins Glen

Speaking of alcohol, Maine might have breweries but the fingerlakes have wine and you can get there as quickly as 3 hours if you’re heading to the closest winery. While watkins glen will add another hour, the fingerlakes are amazing and should be on everyone’s list if they live in the Northeast.

Other notable places within a drive of Saratoga include New York City, Niagara Falls, Washington DC and Philadelphia. I’ll be honest, I might be bias, I do love my hometown but honestly it’s the easy day trips or long weekends that are so close by that make this area of the Northeast so special.

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