The Ultimate Portland Beer Trail

Portland Maine is known for beer and having a boyfriend whose from Vermont we knew we had to spend an afternoon touring all the breweries that we could. Below is a map of part uber part walking that will take you from the outskirts of Portland right into the city (where you can also stop for dinner along the way).

Bunker Brewing Co

Bunker Brewing Co is one of 3 breweries that require you to obtain an uber for. This place was cool, it seems like a place where all the locals would head, where everyone knows everyone. The only downfall? Their Sour beer was out when we got there 😦

Bissell Brothers

I wasn’t a fan of Bissell Brothers from the start. For one, you had to pay for parking, I hate when that’s a thing but other than that, it seemed like the place for tourists way more than locals, and you couldn’t do tastings, all you could do was buy a pint. I truly hate breweries that don’t give you the option to try all their beer for a relatively cheap price. So be aware, going here means you won’t be able to do a tasting.

Lone Pine Brewing

Lone Pine is your last uber need, once here, you can walk the rest of the trail. Lone Pine Brewing probably had the weirdest beers we tried. While some were pretty tasty others were meh, like all breweries. But you got a decent amount for a tasting, we got the entire flight and split between the four of us, it was the perfect decision.

Rising Tide

Now we are on to the walking part of the beer trail. Not only are we to the walking part, but we are also to the best breweries that you will see. Rising Tide not only had some amazing sours (if you’re a sour beer drinker) but they also had a super cool brewery, with the lawn games, outdoor and indoor seating. We really enjoyed Rising Tide, it was the perfect change to Bissell Brothers and Lone Pine. Also, how cool are these tasting boards?


Reasons why Oxbow is a-m-a-z-i-n-g; they have the most beers available for tasting (but beware, this is expensive). The other? They have DuckFat fries in their outdoor bar area, the perfect little “cafe” for a snack while you’re trying all the local beer.


Shipyard is the Maine Brewery that everyone has heard of and I’m not going to lie it had my favorite beer of the trail. Why? They had beer infused with herbal tea, I know it sounds weird but everyone that we were tasting with loved it! That’s saying something when you can find a beer that everyone likes. They also have some pretty tasty fruity beers if you’re into that kind of drink.

Before you head to the last brewery on this trail, head to dinner in downtown at The Porthole. They have great drinks and the food is not only delicious but super affordable. After which, head to Gritty McDuff’s for some beer before walking around the rest of the city.

That’s a Portland Beer Trail at it’s very best. You can do all of this in half a day and still leave time in the morning to go on a whale watch, go to the beach or head to Cape Elizabeth for some walking and scenic views.

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